Art of Mike Mignola

The professional website of the master himself.  Find art, links to his work, news, and a shop to both get your official merchandise and be sure you know your money going to the right people.  If you've been here, you should also be there.

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Dark Horse Comics

The publishing company that brought us the Mignolaverse, including the main Hellboy series, Hellboy in Hell, B.P.R.D., Abe Sapien, Lobster Johnson, Witchfinder, and all the spinoffs, including The Amazing Screw-On Head, Sledgehammer 44, Frankenstein Underground, Rasputin, Koschei, and the rest.  They've also published the non-Mignolaverse works of Mike Mignola, including Joe Golem, Baltimore, and several others.  

Dark Horse also features other major creators such as industry legend John Byrne (Next Men), Frank Miller (300, Sin City), Art Adams (Monkeyman and O'Brien), and too many others to count.

Mike Mignola at Dark Horse Online

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Hellboy Wiki

The Hellboy Wiki is the best source for fan-edited information on the Mignolaverse and all the included characters, locations, adventures, and so on.  It's also a genuinely good source on published materials, such as what is included in the Omnibus Editions, Collected Volumes, Library Editions, and so on.

Hellboy Book Club

Started in 2018, the Hellboy Book Club is looking to give three viewpoints (one from each host) through the whole Mignolaverse uvre.  John, Danielle and Aubrey all bring a different perspective to the series, from the Hellboy-like veteran fan, to the fresh faced Rodger just experiencing the series for the first time. Join them for some "Reading comics and talking to our friends."

Aw...Crap: A Hellboy Podcast

Hosted by Mark David Christenson & Kait Thompson, Aw…Crap is a discussion show currently between seasons, covering the Hellboy series issue by issue. Featuring special guests, detailed reviews of cover art, and a whole lot of agreement (yesssssssssss), Kait and Mark bring awesome chemistry and a charming warmth to our favorite heroic demon’s tales.