Hellboy Versus the World

Hellboy Versus the World

A New Start

Hellboy, deciding to leave everything he’d ever known to live on his own and travel Africa, starts his new life on a predictably bad cloven hoof. After meeting the shaman Mohlomi, Hellboy was attacked by mermaids, working for the Bog Roosh, a sort of queen witch of the underwater, working to “save the world”. In an unusual twist, Hellboy actually lost the struggle and was captured, be-nailed, and chained at the bottom of the ocean. The tables were fairly quickly turned, and Hellboy not only escaped his capture, but killed the Roosh, installed a new one, and made it back to land. Unfortunately, shortly after landfall, an Ogdru Hem manifested.

Death and Rebirth

It’s not common knowledge, apparently, that Hellboy was killed on the island by the Ogdru Hem following the events of The Third Wish. While he did somehow manage to reconstitute himself and kill the Hem that first ended him, Hellboy was never really the same After his death, Hellboy began to spend all of his time with other dead folks, and eventually moved to England. While he was drinking with skeletons, Hellboy recused himself from the outside world, stopped communicating with his friends and co-workers, and lived in a bottle (or some haunted houses if you want to be literal).

During this time, he reencountered Igor Bromhead as well as Hecate, though the encounter was fairly brief, and seemed to see the end of both his foes. Hellboy also traveled, it seems, into the Thrice-tenth Kingdom to settle things with the Baba Yaga, still angry about the loss of her eye. The old witch summoned her greatest champion, the deathless Koshchei, to finish the demon. In the longest battle Hellboy had seen, through terrible ups and downs for both men, Hellboy finally forced Yaga to empty all of her energies into Koschei before he defeated them both. While this would not be the last time either were seen, Hellboy was rid of a powerful new enemy, and arguably his most powerful old one.

The End is Near

It wasn’t until Alice Monaghan paid him a visit that the drunken demon-man snapped back to normal. Normal is a very flexible term, and Hellboy went back to dealing with magical monsters and fairy folk, but to him, that was pretty normal. Hellboy was summoned to join The Wild Hunt: ostensibly a group to hunt monsters in England. He was quickly betrayed, stabbed, and left for dead by the group, though at this point, it was getting pretty clear that Hellboy would never stay dead. He recovered as quickly as ever, and set out with Alice to understand why he was attacked by those he thought to be trustworthy.

In a very quickly twisting series of events, Hellboy met with the fairy queen, Mab, then with Morgana LeFay, who taught him of his true history. His mother, Sarah Hughes, was not only a witch, but a descendant of LeFay, through her son Mordred. This means that, while the crusty old Queen of England sat on the throne, Hellboy was the true and rightful King. Morgana wanted to claim what was rightfully her family’s, and set Hellboy on a quest to reclaim it. This also put him on the path that would finally end the Hellboy series, and his time on Earth (for a little while), as he’d fight the most powerful witch of all, Nimue the Blood Queen.

Hellboy, with no intentions of being king of anything, draws Excalibur from its hold, proving Morgana correct. Though he was destined to lead an army of the dead, he would chose his own path, as usual. Nimue sent her champion hedgehog against him, though not successfully. In the process, we see again that Hellboy is truly unable to die, possibly living through his own resolve. During this time, Alice sets into motion events that would see the honored dead of England rise, be reborn, and fight for the side of man, stopping the army of the Blood Queen. The fight draws Hellboy to Nimue, in her keep, just before its end.

The End is Here

With the help of the Baba Yaga, and the loss of an eye, Hellboy is finally able to confront the Blood Queen. Unfortunately, as usual, for him, Nimue’s enemy witches cause her one last grief, leading to the fusion of her powers, and the Ogdru Jahad, now back on Earth in the form of a Dragon. At this point, Hellboy knows this fight must end, and simply won’t allow himself to lose.

Despite being alone, against forces more powerful than anything ever seen before, and having the weight of all human life on his back, Hellboy is able to strike down the dragon using a sword of Nimue’s own cause. Though his life-long foe is slain, his newest and final enemy still lives, just long enough to extract a harsh revenge. Just as Hellboy stands victorious, Nimue, the hateful queen, grasps his still-beating, and faithfully human heart directly from his chest, condemning Hellboy back to his familial lands. Hellboy, for the first time in 60 years, is in truly dead, and in Hell.

You can follow the life and times of the world’s greatest paranormal investigator in the pages of Helboy, B.P.R.D. 1946-48, Hellboy and the B.P.R.D., B.P.R.D.: The Devil You Know, and most of the sort stories. And you should. The date of publishing this is Helloy Day for a reason. In our opinion, this is the best comic universe ever to have been created. This website stands as a testament to the work of Mike Mignola, John Arcudi, Dave Stewart, Scott Allie, Clem Robins, Duncan Fegredo, Guy Davis, Ryan Sook, Tyler Crook, Laurence Campbell, Michael Avon Oeming, Katii O’Brien, et. al. With the new film coming out, this is the perfect time to get back into the books, read something you’d never read before, or start for the very first time. It’s literally the best time to be a Mignolaverse fan, so enjoy it before the coming Ragnarok.

Hellboy in Hell on Earth

Hellboy in Hell on Earth