Hellboy in Hell on Earth

Hellboy in Hell on Earth

Upon the sight of seeing his own beating heart, Hellboy was immediately destined for quite a ride.  He fell immediately out of reality and into what is known as the Abyss. And when I say fell I mean he landed straight on his face.  Immediately surrounded by monsters, Hellboy is approached by Edward Grey, now a warlock, who destroys the monsters and informs him of what is going on.  He is even attacked by Eligos from “The Wild Hunt.” Grey gets them out of there (while doing some flying naked guy stuff) and teleports them to a room, in which Grey attempts to trap Eligos whilst temporarily kicking Hellboy out to the streets of Hell until he deals with the situation.

While wandering, Hellboy is picked up by a spirit who guides him to pandemonium, the heart of hell.  The spirit takes him to his father’s throne, where Hellboy is allowed to take all the possessions there for himself.  The spirit then leads Hellboy towards a resting Satan. Overcome by a mysterious force he is compelled to walk in and kill Satan with a dagger.  Waking from his trance in confusion, unaware of what he has done, he is approached by a completely different spirit who shows him the events of his birth, and how he had his right hand of doom attached.

Hellboy now finally gets to truly meet his family, when he walks into his Uncle Asteroth.  Granted this is not their first time meeting, but it is the first time Hellboy is aware of it.  He explains how sending Hellboy to earth was mainly their doing, and that in regards to Rasputin what seemed to him to be a “summoning” of Hellboy was really not his work at all.  Hellboy then gets to meet his father, who is frozen in a prison of ice forever as punishment for creating Hellboy. Keeping in the theme, he also gets to meet some of his siblings, who immediately start to fight over his right hand.  However, Asteroth steps in, angry at them for disrespecting their father’s decision to give hellboy the right hand, and kills one of them.

Hellboy then gets into a fight with a big monster thing, so it’s good to see that not EVERYTHING has changed.

However, he is teleported back to Edward Grey’s dwelling, where he discovers his actual identity.  Grey tells Hellboy that he has a new chance to start a new life in Hell, although as soon as Hellboy leaves he reveals that he was half lying, and that soon Hellboy would be subjected to his destiny.  Hellboy gets a little time now to really soak up the scenery of Hell and get some adventures in. He gets to meet a homunculus that likes Halibut, gets a disease that nearly kills him, all good stuff.

As time went on, Hellboy ends up bumping into his wife that he drunkenly married.  She reveals to him that she was the voice in his ear telling him to kill Satan. She confronts him and tells him that he is bound to destroy pandemonium, and returns his ring.  From this point, Hellboy makes his decision, puts on his father’s crown, grows absolutely massive and takes the form of Anung Un Rama. He demolishes his family’s kingdom, and breaks off his horns.  Now that the foundation of Hell has been destroyed, he decides to settle down in a cottage.

Unfortunately this does not last.  One day Hellboy is approached by Edward Grey, who tells him that his time has finally come.  Hellboy reluctantly understands, but is surprised to be greeted by Roger the Homonculus, before he is suddenly removed from hell, and finds himself buried in Roger’s casket. Unearthed by the B.P.R.D., his first sight back on earth was Liz Sherman.

Hellboy did not take his return to live very well.  Both saddened by the fact that he no longer was at rest (he got fond of his new dwelling), and that he now had to end the world, he sat depressed and angry alone and silent.  Liz Sherman would eventually combat this and verbally abuse Hellboy back into being his normal self. Finally, Hellboy Abe and Liz were re-united.

It wouldn’t take long however for Hellboy to get back into combat.  The Bureau headed directly into New York City to confront Varvara, who was drawing people to her through dreams.  The city was a slaughterhouse, and upon entering the bureau lost a number of their top agents. Hellboy eventually reached Varvara, who personally killed Ashley Strode (I’m still sad) and revealed that she was rasputin’s daughter.  She then summoned Rasputin, now a monsterish being as the living incarnation of the Ogdru Jahad. The team was forced to retreat (what was left of them at least.)

While aboard the ship, Hellboy was contacted by Edward Grey who told him the location for the sanctuary of humanity, that being under Cavendish Manor.  He also explained to Hellboy what Rasputin had become. After informing the bureau, Hellboy, Liz, and Abe Sapien decide to confront Rasputin themselves while the rest of humanity heads for safety.

Arriving to confront Rasputin, Hellboy is again visited by Grey who informs him that… well it’s gonna hurt.  Immediately Rasputin attacked (killed?) Abe Sapien, and knocked Liz to the ground. Hellboy was left alone to fight him, and Rasputin nearly killed him without Liz’s quick save.  In a dramatic reveal, Rasputin tore hellboy’s right arm off, Right Hand of Doom and all. However, Hellboy realizes that “Hellboy” died, and that “Anung un Rama” came back. Hellboy grabbed Rasputin with his left hand and snapped his neck.  Hellboy and Liz look out at the apocalypse, and Grey tells him that it’s not done yet.

After this… wait. Uh, guys?  The last issue hasn’t come out!  WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO WRITE HERE?!?!

You can follow the life and times of the world’s greatest paranormal investigator in the pages of Helboy, B.P.R.D. 1946-48, Hellboy and the B.P.R.D., B.P.R.D.: The Devil You Know, and most of the sort stories. And you should. The date of publishing this is Helloy Day for a reason. In our opinion, this is the best comic universe ever to have been created. This website stands as a testament to the work of Mike Mignola, John Arcudi, Dave Stewart, Scott Allie, Clem Robins, Duncan Fegredo, Guy Davis, Ryan Sook, Tyler Crook, Laurence Campbell, Michael Avon Oeming, Katii O’Brien, et. al. With the new film coming out, this is the perfect time to get back into the books, read something you’d never read before, or start for the very first time. It’s literally the best time to be a Mignolaverse fan, so enjoy it before the coming Ragnarok.

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New This Week! 3/27

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