10 days until Hellboy Day - Varvara

10 days until Hellboy Day - Varvara

Varvara: head of the Soviet Special Sciences Service, demon lord from Hell and perpetual thorn in the B.P.R.D.’s side. This little Russian girl ended up becoming arguably the B.P.R.D.’s most substantial enemy and one of the more helpful factors in bringing about the true ending of the world than any other villain in the saga.

Varvara was actually two people. On the one hand, she was a demon lord named Yomyael who had aided Russian peoples in wars when summoned for thousands of years. After one particular battle, Yomyael decided to stay on earth instead of returning to Hell. On the other hand, she was also a very important little Russian girl named Varvara (who’s whole deal won’t be spoiled here) who, through a series of really bad events, wound up alone on the side of the road in the path of Yomyael, who wandering through the Russian winter. Yomyael possessed Varvara, found out they love being a funny little girl and the story really starts.

Now in the form of a little girl, the demon prince spent the next few decades rising through the ranks of the Soviet’s equivalent of the B.P.R.D.; a demon infiltrating the organization the Soviet government entrusted with protecting from threats exactly like her. She was known to be irrational and dangerous and was widely feared. During World War 2, she met and assisted Trevor Bruttenholm on an important mission, who she was fascinated by, seeing him as a friend or a pet rather than the vermin one might expect a demon to think of humans as. In fact, she was quite amused by most people, finding them funny.

Eventually the Soviets got tired of her and sealed her in a small glass dome with the use of magick. She was sealed for half a century until Iosif Nichayko released her in a last ditch effort to stop the rampage of the Ogdru Jahad that had come to earth. After she was released went down to Hell, acquired the knife Hellboy had used to kill Satan, and used it to unleash the chained Watchers who had been imprisoned under the Seas of the underworld. Her ploy wasn’t terribly successful, but the Ogdru Jahad was eventually destroyed, and she was now free to do whatever she wished in a rapidly ending Earth. What happens next is playing out currently in the comics and won’t be revealed here.

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