12 days until Hellboy Day - Memnan Saa

12 days until Hellboy Day - Memnan Saa


Memnan Saa was one of the B.P.R.D.’s greatest adversaries, haunting the B.P.R.D. for years, poisoning Liz Sherman’s mind and eventually igniting the battle at Thadrethes, one of the Bureau’s biggest, most intense conflicts before the apocalypse started in earnest.

Born in the 1800’s under the name Martin Gilfryd, he was the head of the Egyptology Department of the British Museum until his path led him to study under the tutelage of Gustav Strol, notable Satanic warlock and future fish man. Under Strobl’s teachings, Gilfryd learned the secret history of the world and devoted himself to the Black Goddess, Vril energy and the end of the world. Around this time, Gylfryd had both made enemies of men, and been noticed by more than men. He worked with Edward Grey against a Hyperborean monster, and showed cowardess. He met Panya after her unwrapping, pestered her, and was repeatedly rebuked. Cast aside by his mentor Strol, Martin seemed to have died in jail.

By the 1930’s, however, Gilfryd resurfaced, and assumed the new name Memnan Saa. In China, Saa found the Agartha monastery and studied further, learning of the Ogdru and others. Disagreeing with the monks of Agartha, he found a rival sect dedicated to the Black Goddess, and began his work with them in earnest. During this time, he fought against The Lobster in an attempt to use the Vril powers of the first V.E.S. prototype, but was defeated, though he did kill most of the Lobster’s crew. Having achieved some form of extended life, Saa continued to practice magic and study the oncoming apocalypse into the 21st century, and that’s when he found out about Liz Sherman.

Saa was drawn to Liz because of her connection to the Vril. He latched onto Sherman’s mind and began appearing to her and terrorizing her with visions of the apocalypse. He claimed he was trying to help her get to her full potential, but his motivations were extremely questionable. He eventually managed to take Liz away to Thadrethes, an ancient Hyperborean city, and the B.P.R.D. followed. What ensued was a giant battle between yetis and dragons. Though the B.P.R.D. and Saa were mostly victorious, Johann Kraus, possessed by the spirit of the Lobster, as able to finally end the body of Martin Gilfryd, and kill Memnan Saa. He briefly continued to haunt Agent Sherman, poking at her for not averting the Hell on Earth.

[Editor’s rebuttal] Memnan Saa was the hero he thought the world needed. Where some try to fight a futile battle against time, Saa thought he could trick the universe by allowing most people to die, and creating a new Hyperborean age using the only powers at his reach, namely Elizabeth Sherman. His methods were cloudy and esoteric, but his intentions were to save the human race from the inevitable apocalypse.

Looking over the history of B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth (in which Saa had previously died and does not appear), it’s difficult to argue which outcome would truly be preferable. Countless died, all over the world due to the Ogdru Hem, can anyone truly know if Saa was wrong? Yes, humanity would have lived with an overlord, but is anyone truly ever without?

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