Two days until Hellboy Day - Agent Ted Howards

Two days until Hellboy Day - Agent Ted Howards

Ted Howard’s started out as a normal B.P.R.D. agent, or as normal as a B.P.R.D. agent can be. He was on a fairly low stakes mission to investigate an old hideout of the Heliopic Brotherhood of Ra when something that would change the rest of his life irreversibly happened. Howards and his compatriots found the Brotherhood’s inner sanctum and the artifacts that lay within. One of these artifacts happened to be a Hyperborean sword. Howards grabbed it, and everything changed.

Immediately, his mind was sent back to prehistoric times into the brain of a caveman named Gall Dennar. Dennar’s father, the chief of their clan, had just been killed in a war between the cavemen and the “cold people,” a race of prehistoric vampires. Dennar and his friends went on an adventure and confronted the cold people and their master, an Ogdru Hem. Dennar was brutally victorious. Howards was eventually returned to his body, but with his entire being fundamentally changed. He was now a caveman warrior in modern times.

With the essence of prehistoric Gall Dennar now linked to himself, Howards became a stoic but vital member of the B.P.R.D.’s field team, especially in the absence of Abe Sapien and Hellboy. He wielded his Hyperborean sword with savage ease, cutting down countless spawn of the Ogdru Hem that had taken over the world. A few years into the war on the Ogdru Hem, he began a romance with Liz Sherman.

Howard's ferocity in battle has pulled his teammates out of many seemingly inescapable conflicts. His presence on the field increased chances of survival from less than none, to victory at times. Those that he saved were inspired by him, to the point that they modified the B.P.R.D. logos on their uniforms to show solidarity. Currently, Howards is leading a desperate attempt to shepherd humanity into their underground future at the ruins of Cavendish Hall. What will happen to him in the end remains to be seen.

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