21 days until Hellboy Day - Elizabeth Sherman

21 days until Hellboy Day - Elizabeth Sherman

Elizabeth Sherman, aka the purest manifestation of rage, anger, and salt that has ever been penned to paper, is one of the most prominent and well known agents of the B.P.R.D..  She possesses psychokinetic powers which she learns to control over her life. The source of her powers is an enigma, although it has been seemingly linked to vril energy and the eventual apocalypse somehow (That last part has been kinda relevant in B.P.R.D. recently hint hint).  Liz is most well known for her friendship with Hellboy, Abe Sapien, and Kate Corrigan. For the large majority of her life, they along with the rest of the B.P.R.D. such as Professor Bruttenholm and Roger were her family albeit not biologically.

Liz showed signs of her abilities her whole life.  Her family was reluctant to act on it out of denial, and tried to ignore the seemingly random instances of her accidentally starting fires.  This all came to a head, however, when she was 11, accidentally incinerating a cookout she was at killing everyone in the area including her brother and parents.  As not only the sole survivor but now an orphan she was passed around between foster families (all of whom were unable to deal with her very specific problems), and eventually ended up in the care of the B.P.R.D..  There she was left somewhat isolated, not in captivity but rather in a fireproof living arrangement created specifically for her that she couldn’t really leave without threatening people outside. Hellboy helped to change this, becoming her friend and helping her cope with her new home as well as helping her to temper her abilities and roam freely.  It helps that he has fireproof skin too, with the whole being a demon from hell thing.

Later in her life Liz would go on to have a more active role in the B.P.R.D., eventually becoming a field agent. Her lack of control over her powers, partially due to her lack of control over her temper, was especially problematic leading to many issues during missions. However, Liz has proven to be the most powerful B.P.R.D. agent and, frankly, potentially the most powerful being in existence on many occasions. Liz most notably tamed her powers enough to gain the ability to fly using flames to propel herself, and went toe to toe with the Black Flame, a feat that frankly the B.P.R.D. in its entirety could not accomplish. Liz has also been able to channel her energy through various artifacts for devastating effects. Her powers, linked to vril energy, have been used to re-animate ancient hyperborean machinery and orgdu-hems, albeit involuntarily. Through her visions of the future, it seems that Liz may in fact be the one who initiates the apocalypse, or possibly stops it. All we know is that Hellboy tells her to “do it.”

Liz is known for her… abrasive personality.  She could be called goth or emo by some. Liz culture and not particularly caring about most living things, Liz is not above walking into a funeral and interrupting the ceremony to give a toast to the guy who murdered them.  Although she does state her opinion quite often, and that opinion is usually not particularly nice, she does actually care for humanity. She has quit the B.P.R.D. numerous times, and almost every time she comes back due to her fear of harming people in the outside world.

While in the original movie continuity Liz and Hellboy were in a relationship, this is not so in the comic.  In fact, they have far more of a brother sister relationship. While Liz seemingly has been in a number of relationships (we know of one from her teenage years from “The Dead Remembered”), her most prominent relationship is with Ted Howards.  Permission to speak freely: That is the greatest idea for a relationship ever, how did I not see this coming?

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