22 days until Hellboy Day - Susan Xiang

22 days until Hellboy Day - Susan Xiang

Susan Xiang was a colleague of Hellboy and Dr. Bruttenholm during the 1950s. As a psychic, she found plenty to do as a B.P.R.D. field agent, often working directly with the big red rookie.

Though she was born in America, Sue’s family were traditionally members of the Golden Crane Society, and acted as guardians against supernatural forces in China, though she didn’t put much faith in that. At seven, she had her first paranormal encounter with a jiangshi. She would later work with Dr. Sandhu through Bruttenholm to develop her abilities for use with the Bureau.

Xiang saw her first important bit of field work with Hellboy and Agent Stegner, trying to find several missing children in California. Using her abilities, Susan was able to track a clue found on a suspect to an alternate reality 1948, tied to the Ogdru Hem and the Visitor. With her help, the agents eventually found a demonic dog responsible for the terror, which was dispatched by Hellboy.

Later, with Archie Murano, HB and Xiang traveled to Kowloon to find a missing artifact. This lead to some revaluations about Susan’s ancestry, when a man named Bao Zhi showed her that the crazy stories about her family’s past were all true. Working together, they were able to find the artifact, and stop the mad plans of a man trying to become a god in the process. After returning home, Susan understandably wanted to take a little time off to reflect.

Returning to the Bureau, she again went into the field with Hellboy, this time in Baltimore. The ghost of a pet monkey was haunting his owner’s family, and Sue was tasked to find out why. She uncovered a murder plot, but was not able to stop the ghost monkey from enacting revenge for his owner. This did, however, result in a new hire for the B.P.R.D.

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