29 days until Hellboy Day - Ashley Strode

29 days until Hellboy Day - Ashley Strode

Ashley Strode was introduced to the B.P.R.D. during the “War On Frogs” storyline in 2006. A 
recruit transferred from the U.S. Navy, Strode was a fresh face at the bureau, determined to make a 
good impression. Strode was eager to impress Liz Sherman, expressing to others that she 
admired Agent Sherman’s toughness. Agent Strode did prove herself, by going back to back 
with Liz against a horde of frog monsters.

In 2012, Strode went on a mission to Indiana that ended up changing her life. Strode was
assigned to a young boy’s possession case and, in the exorcism process, met a demon. Sybacco the demon knew Strode’s name and asked her for a favor in order to save the boy’s life. Years ago, during a different exorcism, a priest named Ota Benga imprisoned a demon named Andras.  Strode was asked to find Benga and make him free the captured demon.

In Mexico, Strode located and teamed up with Benga to defeat the demon Andras. During that time, Strode learned the basics of demons hunting from Benga, and inherited his prayer beads 
after his death. With her newfound knowledge, experience and Benga’s prayer beads, Strode 
became the bureau’s resident combat exorcist and demonology expert.

Strode is a demon fighter, and whenever she sends them back to hell, she also interrogates them. Benga’s
prayer beads are not your typical rosary or malas; they contain symbols of multiple beliefs and allow Strode to call upon Durga, a Hindu warrior goddess who is known to fight demonic forces. Durga is able to arm Agent Strode with a powerful sword, engulfed in flames.

For a time, Strode acted as a solo agent, honing her skills as an exorcist. In the rural town of 
Yamsay, Strode encountered a devil knight from order of the fly, Balam. He was impressed by 
Strode’s ability and knowledge of Hell until she defeated him and freed the souls he had previously consumed.

Through her demon hunting, Strode learned that the forces of Hell were planning to create a new 
capital city on Earth, named New Pandemonium. With this information, and after years of fighting and 
learning about demons on her own, Strode rejoined the B.P.R.D. against this new threat. Strode now fights alongside her former idol, Liz Sherman, and the rest of the B.P.R.D. agents in a battle that could end them all.

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