30 days until Hellboy Day - Agent Nichols

30 days until Hellboy Day - Agent Nichols

Agent Nichols was born and raised in North Philadelphia, and joined the B.P.R.D. under the training of Pauline Raskin after the 2006 Nebraska incident.  One thing that is clear about Nichols, whether by luck or skills: he is a survivor. Another thing that is clear, he does not trust Johann Kraus.

Agent Nichols was often assigned to Kraus' command, along with Agents Giarocco, Enos, and Gervesh.  During one mission to locate the rogue Ben Daimio, Johann pursued his own agenda of vengeance, and cost many lives.

During a mission to rescue Agent Ted Howard's and his team in Chicago, more lives were lost, even though the mission succeeded and Howard's was rescued.  Here he revealed that, despite growing up in the inner city, he spent time at the Fletcher Street Urban Riding Club. This skill would become useful in future missions, for him and his team.  It is also during this mission that Nichols took to using pharmaceutical sedatives, which nearly cost him and Agent Gervesh their lives.

He survived his next mission, under the command of Iosif Nichayko, to liberate Manhattan from the Black Flame.  There were multiple casualties, but they captured Leopold Kurtz, and killed Isaiah Marsten. Back under Kraus’ command, he joined Enos and Gervesh in months of recon and research.  They traveled through known hot spots of Ogdru Hem activity, clearing the areas and calling in bombing missions with their partners in the Air Force.  The last time Nichols served under Kraus, was one of these recon missions in Kansas.

After an emotional outburst, and Kraus going AWOL, Kate Corrigan convinced Nichols to tell her the details of the Kansas Mission.  During a firefight, Kraus used the corpse of recently killed Agent Enos to mount a risk-free assault on a group of armed civilians.  The horror of seeing their friend being used as a puppet was the last straw for Nichols.

The connection between Kate Corrigan and Agent Nichols was never fully explored, but it seems it was deeper than we were to know.  During the evacuation of the B.P.R.D. headquarters in Colorado, he decided to personally oversee the final transport, because he had something he needed to tell her.  And later on, while expressing resentment towards Liz Sherman, he admits to being deeply affected by Kate's death the same way Liz must be.

The last time we see Nichols, he is in NYC, left behind to fend for himself after being cut off from the rest of the B.P.R.D.  It’s currently unclear if he will be seen before the end, or if we will ever find out what he wanted to tell Kate, but he is a survivor, and shouldn’t be counted out.

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