32 days until Hellboy Day - Director Iosif Nichayko

32 days until Hellboy Day - Director Iosif Nichayko

While transporting a piece of holy armor known as Melchiorre’s Burgonet at the behest of the then Director of his organization, Iosif’s submarine went down in the Norwegian Sea, killing all on board.

For 36 years, he remained dead, underwater, with the Burgonet, until Abe Sapien led a mission to recover it.  It is believed that the decades of exposure to the enchanted item had kept him clinging to some sort of living death.  Abe returned the armor to the deep, and Iosif stayed behind, until the S.S.S. engaged in their own recovery.

It took years, but Nichayko eventually gained more control of his mind, his ability to speak, and his ability to plot.  When we next encountered Iosif, 27 years had past, and he was the Director of the Special Sciences Service. When the B.P.R.D. reached out to them, He openly fostered ah spirit of cooperation between the B.P.R.D. and his own organization.

When he meet Johann Kraus, they become fast friends.  He provided Johann with a newer, more advanced, and far more durable containment suit.  To Kate Corrigan, he provided access to all of the S.S.S. classified files. He also dedicated people, weapons, vehicles and other resources to aid the B.P.R.D. in the war effort of Hell on Earth.

Later, after a failed coup, we learn that The S.S.S. director had been keeping the former director, the entity known as Varvara, prisoner in his office.  He had her trapped in a glass case, upon which was written binding spells, and a permanent loop of incantations playing.

Iosif turned the attention of the B.P.R.D. to defeat her only surviving agent, Lazar, but the organization failed, and only the return of the Black Flame stopped him.  He joined the B.P.R.D. in person in New York to face the Black Flame, physically overcoming monsters single handedly, as well as killing Zinco CEO Marsten. His unique situation kept him alive, but he was not unharmed, either physically, or emotionally.

When he returned to the S.S.S., they refitted him with a new containment suit, but he no longer had any fight left in him.  After years fighting alongside the B.P.R.D., it is Varvara that would be his downfall. Iosif, in his spiritual defeat, gave up, and let Varvara free, and she brought him to Hell.

Iosif, on his tour of Hell, witnessed the demon in disguise free the Watchers from their bondage, to be set against the Ogdru Jahad that had come to Earth.  The prospect of victory, allowed him to feel hope again for the future of humanity. It is then, in her final act of cruelty against him, that Varvara stabbed him with a blade, stained with Satan’s blood.  She destroyed his body, and his soul, and Iosif Nichayko, finally died, forever.

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31 days until Hellboy Day - Karl Ruprect Kroenen

31 days until Hellboy Day - Karl Ruprect Kroenen

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