34 days until Hellboy Day - Count Vladimir Giurescu

34 days until Hellboy Day - Count Vladimir Giurescu

Vladimir Giurescu’s date of birth is unknown, though it can be argued that his “life” didn't really begin until he drowned to death in after being thrown from his horse. His distraught father, Mihail, prayed to the goddess Hecate (whom he had saved from being used as firewood in 1492) and sacrificed half his servants and all his dogs in a three-day ritual to bring his son back to life. On the third day, Giurescu was brought back to life, not as a human, but as a bloodthirsty vampire.

Giurescu had a long and distinguished military career, despite being mortally wounded seven times. Each time he was carried home to his castle and each time Hecate would restore him to full health. Napoleon gave him the nickname “Giurescu the Devil”..

After an attempt to establish a new vampire kingdom in England failed, he returned to his castle. Vladimir wasn't very active on the world scene until World War II, where he meet Ilsa Haupstein. Giurescuhad been married at least six times by then, and each wife was, in turn, turned in to a vampire. In Ilsa, though, it could be argued he had found his true soulmate. She matched him in cruelty and bloodlust, and soon pressed him to met Hitler in Germany to discuss Vampir Sturm, a project proposed by Heinrich Himmler.

Unfortunately for Ilsa and Giurescu, Hitler was terrified of the vampire after his first meeting and ordered the whole family killed. While it was reported all the bodies were burned after being beheaded, Vladimir Giurescu’s decapitated skeleton was stolen by Hans Ubler, a night club owner who ran a freak show popular with the Nazis. Hans fled to America with Giurescu’s body, finally settling in New York under the name Howard Steinman, to run a wax museum that was briefly popular in the ‘60s. This was all before Ilsa tracked him down a killed him, reclaiming Giurescu’s bones.

Ilsa then took the bones back to Castle Giurescu, and was succesful in briefly bringing him back to unlife. It was short lived, as while fighting Hellboy, Hecate sacrificed him in attempt to regain her full strength.

Giurescu’s bones were then collected by the B.P.R.D., but they where again stolen by Igor Bromhead, who attempted to use his connection with Ilsa to control Hecate. Giurescu’s body is finally walled up in a crypt, embracing his last love Ilsa’s body.

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