42 days until Hellboy Day - Sir Edward Grey, Witchfinder

42 days until Hellboy Day - Sir Edward Grey, Witchfinder

In service to her majesty Queen Victoria, Edward Grey is the era’s most famous paranormal investigator.

Grey’s story is a sort of upended rags to riches story.  As a child he lived under his father as a game warden, until one day he personally tracked down a werewolf that was killing people in his area and killed it.  The notoriety he gained from this spread, and eventually Queen Victoria tracked him down for a personal request, to take out a group of witches conspiring to kill her.  After this, Grey officially became knighted as the Queen’s foremost expert on the paranormal. Unfortunately for Grey, living in the absurd upper class of London is a double edged sword for him, he has a hard time fitting in.

Edward Grey continued to serve the queen up until the late 1890’s, where they had a falling out over the identity of Jack the Ripper.  After this, he took up in the Silver Lantern club as a private investigator. Things remained much the same until 1916, where a case gone wrong led him to a demonic summoning conducted by the Heliopic Brotherhood of Ra.  Grey was grabbed by the demon Amadusias, granted immortality, torn into pieces, and was then thrown into the river Acheron in hell. He remained there for 20 years until he was re-assembled. It should be noted that while time in hell does not seem to work linearly like it does on earth, this does not seem to apply to Grey who does seem to live out his life in Hell very linerly.

Grey remained alive but bound to hell.  Casually observing the living world, he picked up on the newborn Hellboy and watched him as he grew up.  Eventually when Hellboy died and fell to hell, Edward Grey ended up helping him out. Currently Grey is trying to stop the coming apocalypse in any way that he can.

Grey, when he was on Earth, was identifiable by his anchor beard and bowtie (later to graduate into a straight tie because straight ties are #hardcore).  In hell, Grey wears a cloak and mask to conceal his body, which was burnt and mutilated by the acidic waters of the Acheron. Otherwise he is, to quote Hellboy, a “flying naked guy”.

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