44 days until Hellboy Day - Alice Monaghan

44 days until Hellboy Day - Alice Monaghan

Despite being known for her role in the latter third of “Hellboy,” Alice Monaghan is actually one of the earlier characters to be introduced in the series.  Hellboy first meets her as a child in Ireland, where she is kidnapped by fairies. Hellboy eventually saves her, but it ends up having a lasting impact on her life.  Oddly enough, this would lead to her befriending of fairies, eventually granting her the benefits of their enchantments.

Her parents were not very happy with this (understandably so, they kinda… kidnapped her), and sent her away to escape them.  Look I’m just saying that we haven’t seen this part of her life and a story about a girl stuck in boarding school with magical fairy powers sounds very fun.  Dark Horse, you can @ me on twitter, I accept payment in cookies.

Alice would later become Hellboy’s traveling companion, leading up to his death.  After this, Alice took up as a protector of the fairies during the upcoming apocalypse.

While in the new film Alice seems to have much more of a connection the the B.P.R.D., in the comics she only comes in contact with them a few times.  Alice meets Kate Corrigan very briefly, breaking the news to her about Hellboy’s death. Abe also gets to meet her briefly during Abe Sapien.  Otherwise, it is currently unknown if she has met the B.P.R.D. at any other point in the past.

Alice’s abilities haven’t been fully explored yet in the Mignolaverse.  She seems to have been charmed in multiple ways, making her look younger and protecting her.  It is unclear if she has any abilities beyond this, although it is likely that she is otherwise a normal human.

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