5 days until Hellboy Day - Gamori

5 days until Hellboy Day - Gamori

No one will ever know.” ~ Gamori, Fairfield, CT, 1948.

Hellboy’s family tree is diseased with rot, but of all the decayed limbs, none are more softly unassuming than his older sister. Controlling, manipulative, bitter, resentful, toxic, yet seductive…she is called Gamori, demon of Hell.

When a very young Hellboy first met his sister, he didn’t pick up on her murderous intentions. Posing as a seductress in the “Gentlemen Only” tent at A.T. Roth’s Circus Spectacular, she created a much more inviting atmosphere. But Gamori wanted to kill Hellboy even then. She no doubt would have, except that their uncle Astaroth prevented it. He went on to forbid her from going near Hellboy ever again as long as Astaroth was still alive. She agreed, but not without predicting Hellboy would one day be their ruin. To the child Hellboy, it may have all been a dream.

Crap. I think that’s my sister.” ~ Hellboy, Hell.

Many decades later, Hellboy fought a dragon and was killed. He descended into Hell and found himself in the middle of another, more violent family conflict. Another sibling dispute, this time with his two brothers and instigated by Astaroth. By the time it was all over, Hellboy watched his uncle behead one of his brothers, right before all three were swallowed whole by Leviathan.

With her uncle and brothers out of the way, it was only a matter of time before Gamori’s callous hypocrisy threatened Hellboy’s wellbeing again, such as it was.

Half sister.” ~ Gamori, in the Court of the Furies, Hell.

Not long after Astaroth’s death, Hellboy was brought before the Erinyes — demonic entities invoked to pass judgement on Hellboy for the specific crime of “family murder.” However, it was quickly proven that Gamori had falsely accused Hellboy of killing their kin. For her lies, she was made to suffer in supposedly horrible ways. Gamori’s own screams of madness would turn Hell’s capital city of Pandemonium to rubble and ash. She’d also been sentenced to locate and then follow a river of blood, which led to Satan’s slit throat. Gamori went insane at the sight of it. And with that, the rot that infected Hellboy’s family found its way to the very heart of Hell.

Things would be different in Hell from then on. Hellboy said as much to Koshchei the Deathless, who had previously crossed paths with Gamori while he wandered through Hell in search of a goat. Hellboy let him know that Gamori found the river of blood and its source. Before departing his company Hellboy warned Koshchei, “…she’s still down there somewhere.”

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