8 days until Hellboy Day - Fenix

8 days until Hellboy Day - Fenix


This was the message painted on walls all over Texas, left behind by those whose lives were spared.  Fenix Espejo had precognitive powers, which she often described as a “feeling in my heart.” On numerous occasions, this feeling guided her and those around her to safety, avoiding disaster and death.  It caught the attention of the United Nations and the B.P.R.D. She eventually became an integral part of the team as it faced down the Hell on Earth.

The source of Fenix’s power, even when explained, is still a bit of a mystery.  She originally attributed it as something she feels, but it is later revealed that this “feeling” was an indirect communion with the spirit of her sister Eris.  This relationship only added to the mystery, rather than solved it, as technically, Fenix never had a sister.

Fenix was going to be a fraternal twin, until she absorbed her sister in utero, giving her two distinct sets of DNA. Since Eris was absorbed, never born, never grown, it is interesting that she appeared to Fenix as a young girl.  Further adding to the curious nature of this spirit, is where her name even comes from. Having never been born, her existence never even known to her mother, she was never named.

Fenix’s tangential relationship to the larger Mignolaverse is also a source of interesting speculation. She was born in the state of Utah, which happens to be the place of a great supernatural occurrence investigated by Sir Edward Grey. In 1880, the Witchfinder faced down a powerful witch, coincidentally named Eris.

Additionally, Utah is where. In 1948, Project Enkelados, an experimental nuclear weapons test, created a new type of radioactive glass, named Enkeladite. This element was believed to be responsible for the release of a number of supernatural, extradimensional monsters into our world. Fenix Espejo wore an Enkaladite necklace, that once belonged to her mother.  Are these coincidences, or is the source of Fenix’s power tied into these events?

Her first interaction with the B.P.R.D. is with Agents Abe Sapien and Devon, the former whom she shot 8 times (she felt that she had to), and the latter witnessed it.  After running from what she did, she and her dog Bruiser eventually joined Devon and headed back to the B.P.R.D. headquarters where she turned herself in. The shooting of Abe Sapien led him to a further physical transformation, and when he woke, he decided to leave the team, and spent years wandering the countryside, soul-searching.

After a short stint attempting to train with Panya, and having trouble fitting in, she once again ran away, this time taking Bruiser to California.  It is there that, with the help of a kind stranger, that she finds it in herself to grow up and take responsibility. She also experienced a prophetic dream, full of monsters, Zinco Mercenaries, and death, when she awakened, she saw her unborn twin Eris’ spirit again, for the first time since her childhood. She returned to the B.P.R.D. and takes up her training again, becoming an important field agent at the age of 19.  

“I’m ready to stop being a baby. I’m ready to fight.”

She joined the team on many field missions including the first assault on the Black Flame’s NYC, instrumental in saving lives utilizing her precognition to help the team avoid disaster.  When she and Panya joined forces to determine the intentions of the opposition, one of the seven dragons of the Ogdru Jahad crashed to Earth. The psychic shock put Fenix into a coma, but the combined power of Panya, Eris, and the spirit of Shonchin (the Hyperborean priest) freed her mind from the grip of the Black Flame.  The distraction provided Liz Sherman with the opportunity to land a killing blow against him, and hopefully once and for all.ending his reign.


The death of Kate and Panya did not visibly affect her at first, but eventually, once again, she ran away.  While the death of the Black Flame, along with Ogdru Jahad on Earth brought a moment of peace, Fenix continued to have visions and dreams.  These kept pulling her back to Colorado, where, along with Ashley Strode and the B.P.R.D. core team, she led them to the discovery of Hellboy’s return to Earth.

Fenix once again rejoined the B.P.R.D. but things were very tense, as Abe Sapien also returned, and for the first time, they had to face each other.  But it is her validation of Ashley Strode’s intel on Varvara that convinced the team that this is the real threat. Unfortunately, in pursuit of this threat, Agent Devon, her biggest advocate, and Carla Giarocco, one of her mentors, died.  Combining this with the rebirth of Rasputin, she was pushed almost to the breaking point. It was the bond over Carla’s loss that broke the tension between her and Liz over Abe’s shooting, and motivated her to continue to fight.

With Rasputin returned, he signaled the coming of the final battle, and for some reason, shown particular interest in Fenix.  The end is nigh, Eris has been set free, mankind is retreating underground, and no one knows what is coming. There is still so much happening, and so little time left, but don’t count Fenix Espejo and Bruiser out.  You can bet that they will make every second count, together.

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